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FTC COMPLIANCE POLICY [See also Earnings Disclaimer]

The following describes the FTC Compliance for the "Laser Traffic" business (based in New Jersey USA and the parent company is "Fun Life" - see contact information below). This is hereafter referred to as "THE COMPANY".

OUR POLICY: We at THE COMPANY are committed to promptly responding to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) (hereafter "FTC") and by following all of its regulations, rules, and guidelines (hereafter "REGS") as all of its members are based in the United States of America. [The EU's GDPR does not apply here.]

FTC COMPLIANCE: THE COMPANY follows all the REGS of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for the benefit of itself and the USERS of the website or the BUYERS (hereafter the "USER" or "BUYER") of THE COMPANY'S product(s), service(s), or membership(s) (hereafter the "ITEMS"). Therefore THE COMPANY provides these disclosures regarding compensation and disclaimer regarding earnings and income.


OUR GOAL: THE COMPANY makes every effort to accurately and honestly represent their ITEMS as well as any other THIRD PARTY (hereafter "THIRD PARTIES") product(s), service(s), or membership(s) we use, recommend, or otherwise mention. THE COMPANY strives to clearly differentiate our ITEMS from those of THIRD PARTIES in all of our response to general inquiries, support requests, concerns, and/or complaints from customers or the public (hereafter "CUSTOMER CARE").

PROFIT MOTIVE: THE COMPANY (as well any other legitimate THIRD PARTY business) intends to profit from the sale of its own ITEMS to its USERS. THE COMPANY intends to profit from the sale of THIRD PARTIES products or services (just as any retailer would do).

PROFIT AND COMPENSATION: You the USER of its Website or ITEMS MUST assume that THE COMPANY may be compensated for purchases of product(s), service(s), or membership(s) of THIRD PARTIES mentioned on THE COMPANY'S Website that are not created, owned, licensed, or otherwise materially controlled by us. This compensation can be just for our helping spread the word about their offering and so connecting THIRD PARTY product/service creators with their end users/customers.

REPORTED RESULTS: Wherever THE COMPANY'S ITEMS or those of THIRD PARTIES lead to income or profit generation, THE COMPANY endeavors to provide realistic and factual data about its results. THE COMPANY emphasizes the fact that the variables impacting the results - that you the USER of the website or the BUYER of THE COMPANY'S ITEMS experience are so numerous and uncontrollable by THE COMPANY that no guarantees or warranties are made.

PROFIT POTENTIAL: Material connections resulting in profit or income between THE COMPANY and THIRD PARTIES may not be made known at every single advertisement or affiliate link. YOU the USER of THE COMPANY'S Website or the USER of THE COMPANY'S ITEMS MUST assume there is a material connection between us and THIRD PARTIES.

OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS: THE COMPANY makes a good faith effort to only present to its USERS with items that we either personally use, we have actually tried, or we have faith in the reputation of the provider or concept. THE COMPANY had made this determination based on all the relevant and applicable information at the time of our recommendation.

PROFIT METHOD: You the USER MUST that THE COMPANY or others may receive compensation in money or otherwise for anything you purchase or use as a result of visiting this Website or links to it or from it. Note that THE COMPANY may be paid merely when you click a link.


PRICE SETTING: Some of THE COMPANY'S ITEMS are provided by THIRD PARTIES as the wholesaler (hereafter "WHOLESALER") and "Laser Traffic" as the retailer (hereafter "RETAILER"). The USER agrees that the RETAILER bases their prices on those set by the WHOLESALER and adds on a profit margin (hereafter "PROFIT").

RETAIL PROFIT: The USER understands that PROFIT of the RETAILER may or may not be equal to those of other agents of the WHOLESALER. The USER agrees to the price charged by the RETAILER knowing that this may be a HIGHER price than that charged by other agents of the WHOLESALER. The USER agrees that it may not be offered the LOWEST price by the RETAILER due to the quality of service the RETAILER offers.

PRICE CHANGES: The price paid THE COMPANY'S ITEMS will change over time. Many factors influence the price such as supply and demand, customer acquisition incentives, technology, innovations, improvements, market penetration, and for other reasons not listed here. The USER agrees that the price can increase or decrease accordingly from the currently published price list for reasons beyond THE COMPANY'S control.


NO GUARANTEE: The BUYER understands that THE COMPANY does not guarantee marketing results (like optins/sign-ups or sales) from the ITEMS the BUYER has purchased. The BUYER understands that there are no guarantees, claims, or promises of any kind (financial, marketing, or otherwise) as to the earnings or income results of the BUYER'S use of THE COMPANY'S ITEMS. Refer to the Earnings Disclaimer for further details.

INCOME-PRODUCING VS PURCHASES: The BUYER understands that their purchase(s) of THE COMPANY'S ITEMS should be viewed as just that: as a purchase. As such, there may or may not be a return on their investment in a purchase. Although THE COMPANY does its best to offer the highest quality of items, the BUYER understands that their results could be zero. THE COMPANY advises its BUYERS to only risk what they can afford to lose on any purchases of ITEMS from THE COMPANY or from THIRD PARTIES referred by THE COMPANY.

AND INCOME: The USER and/or BUYER understands that "AND INCOME" is so phrased with specific intent. "Income" usually refers to monetary wealth while "earnings" can come in non-monetary forms that are abstract or intangible, and not quantifiable or convertible to currency. These also may include free products, free services, free review copies, or gifts.


TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials regarding the earnings and income generated by its USERS using any of THE COMPANY'S ITEMS are provided on THE COMPANY'S Website. While great effort is made by the COMPANY to ensure that information about our ITEMS are factually honest, we at THE COMPANY are not liable for errors and omissions with regard to them wherever or however they were communicated.

TESTIMONIAL PURPOSE: Testimonials on THE COMPANY'S Website about earnings or income, in their sales or promotional materials, or communicated by any other means, about earnings or income results are for educational and illustrative purposes only. Although every effort is made to ensure that THE COMPANY'S testimonials are factually honest, they are not intended to promise of imply what is likely to happen in your case and you, the USER, should not rely on them to make any purchasing decision.

PUBLISHED RESULTS: Testimonials about earnings and income results achieved by some BUYERS of THE COMPANY'S ITEMS cannot, in any way, be construed as common, typical, expected, normal, or associated with the average BUYER'S experience with any given ITEM. The earnings and income of any BUYER of THE COMPANY'S ITEMS outcome can differ from those shared on our Website and can even be zero (a total loss).

EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS: Exceptional results may be depicted by THE COMPANY'S Website as highlights, but you, the USER, are responsible for understanding that the "atypical outcomes" of other USERS may not reflect your experience. Note that any related income figures are highly specific to the individual or entity that produced those results. There is no guarantee that you, the USER or the BUYER, will be able to achieve comparable earnings results by marketing the same or similar product(s), service(s), membership(s), or other offerings using THE COMPANY'S ITEMS.

TESTIMONIAL SOURCE: Any testimonials may be provided by USERS, BUYERS, or THIRD PARTIES are unsolicited and are not financially compensated by THE COMPANY.


OFFER: The purpose of THE COMPANY'S Website is to present offers for its USERS to buy ITEMS from us or from THIRD PARTIES. You the USER of BUYER must understand that THE COMPANY cannot fully control all marketing practices by THIRD PARTIES. With the use of "mirror" sites, indirect or unauthorized affiliates, "tiered" affiliate structures, there is too much Internet content for THE COMPANY to control.

COMPLIANCE: THE COMPANY makes reasonable efforts to ensure our affiliates comply with our policies and represent all our ITEMS consistent with our policies. You, the USER or the BUYER, are always free to report your concerns to us (see our Contact information below).

NO ENDORSEMENT: You, the USER or BUYER, should not construe a THIRD PARTY offer on THE COMPANY'S Website as an endorsement of that THIRD PARTY or an recommendation of their product(s), service(s), membership(s), or other offerings by THE COMPANY. Nor should you, the USER or BUYER, rely on a THIRD PARTY'S recommendation of THE COMPANY'S Website or our ITEMS when deciding to buy our ITEMS.

NO SUPPORT: THE COMPANY cannot always guarantee that affiliates and other THIRD PARTIES will follow our policies. THE COMPANY does not provide any support or customer service for THIRD PARTY items and you should always contact the owner or provider of those product(s), service(s), membership(s) or other offering(s) to have any and all questions answered to your satisfaction before purchasing anything.

NO CONTROL: THE COMPANY only has control over, and thus can only accept responsibility for, the content of this COMPANY Website and its ITEMS. Any representations made by others are unauthorized. You, the USER or BUYER, may also read, hear, or otherwise come into contact with commentary about any of THE COMPANY'S ITEMS and you should assume those are not authorized, even if this is from its affiliates or agents.


PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION: THE COMPANY'S ITEMS are primarily focused on Internet Marketing and the related tools and resources to achieve that purpose. THE COMPANY'S ITEMS are NOT intended to provide advice on financial, legal, or health-care matters, which are the under the jurisdiction of lawyers, accountants, tax professionals, investment advisors, medical professionals, health-care workers, and other trained and/or licensed professionals (hereafter "PROFESSIONALS").

PROFESSIONAL CONSULTING: Nothing we may ever communicate at THE COMPANY, in any form of communication, will ever be intended to constitute the counsel of PROFESSIONALS of ANY unrelated disciplines. You, the USER assume all risk for actions taken, losses incurred, damages sustained, or other issues stemming from your use of THE COMPANY'S or THIRD PARTY ITEMS in any way connected with or mentioned by THE COMPANY on it Website or by any other means of communication.

DUE DILIGENCE: You the USER of THE COMPANY'S Website or its ITEMS are responsible for looking after your own interests. THE COMPANY advises you, the USER, to always do your own research into various offers and opportunities from THE COMPANY or THIRD PARTIES to help you make an informed decision about using THE COMPANY'S Website or purchasing its ITEMS. THE COMPANY expects that its USERS you have done their own due diligence prior to making any purchase of ITEMS from THE COMPANY, its Website, or from THIRD PARTIES. You, the USER, bear the ultimate responsibility for your purchase decisions.

CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION: THE COMPANY'S role in communicating with you, the USER of its Website or briefing you on its ITEMS or on those of THIRD PARTIES is to help you make a better informed decision about what is offered. THE COMPANY'S CUSTOMER CARE is not and is not intended to be a substitute for you, the USER'S, own DUE DILIGENCE or the counsel of PROFESSIONALS.


As with any of THE COMPANY'S Website Policy pages, the contents of this page can and will change over time. This page could read differently as of your very next visit. These changes are made by THE COMPANY in order to protect both the USER and the COMPANY.

If this page is important to you, you should check back frequently as no other notice of changed content will be provided either before or after the change takes effect.


The legal notices and administrative pages on this website have been reviewed by an attorney. We at THE COMPANY have paid to license the use of these legal notices and administrative pages on this website for your protection and ours. This material may not be used in any way for any reason and unauthorized use is policed to detect violators.


If you have any questions about the contents of this page, or simply wish to reach THE COMPANY for any other reason, you may do so by using our Contact information. To contact "Laser Traffic", here is how:

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