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Here is the archive of the best of motivational quotes:

Quotes Page 1: "Never Give Up!"

Quotes Page 2: "Prepare and Prevent!"

Quotes Page 3: "Always Be Prepared!"

Quotes Page 4: "Do the Right Thing!"

Quotes Page 5: "Be the Most Determined!"

Quotes Page 6: "Leave a Trail!"

Quotes Page 7: "Ability! Motivation! Attitude!"

Quotes Page 8: "Brotherhood is Survival!"

Quotes Page 9: "Survival is the Exception!"

Quotes Page 10: "Success is Survival!"

Quotes Page 11: "Change is Always Opportunity!"

Quotes Page 12: "Strengthen, Temper, Intensify!"

Quotes Page 13: "Change is Essential to Survival!"

Quotes Page 14: "Face Everything and Rise!"

Quotes Page 15: "Get Up and Get On With It!"

Quotes Page 16: "Courageous Enough to Try!"

Quotes Page 17: "Cooperation is Necessary to Survival!"

Quotes Page 18: "Work Together, Survive Together!"

Quotes Page 19: "Change is Inevitable & Continuous!"

Quotes Page 20: "Act With Knowledge & Common Sense!"

Quotes Page 21: "Rubs of Adversity Polish Survivors!"

Quotes Page 22: "It is What You Do With What You Have Left!"

Quotes Page 23: "Dig Deep for the Rewards of a Survivor!"

Quotes Page 24: "Use Knowledge With Wisdom!"

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