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Email Marketing Terms Defined:

95% of Internet Marketers: have and profit from their own list of email subscribers. This is no different than the "old school" list of customers for offline businesses. This is because the business of any business is getting customers (known online as traffic).

Lingo: To succeed online you need to know the following email marketing terms like..."lead magnet giveaway", "squeeze page", "landing page", "optin rate", "open rate", "click-through rate", "autoresponders", "traffic", "tracking", "conversions", and "single vs double opt-in" (explained next).

"Lead magnet giveaway": When you signed up for this list (subscribed is the official term), you received a link for a download of a free ebook and a link to a video. These are free giveaways which enticed you to sign up to this email... thus making you a "lead" and the freebies a "magnet".

"Squeeze Page": When you subscribed to this list, the page where you entered your email address is officially known as a squeeze page because the offer was so enticing that you willingly gave your email address (it was "squeezed" out of you)!

"Landing Page": After you have given your email address, you are redirected either right away or a few pages later... to the page where a sales pitch is made. What makes it a landing page is that it makes an offer for you to buy something.

"Optin Rate": When a subscriber has been taken to a squeeze page and landing page, they have a choice whether to give their email address or not to do so. So if you had 100 visitors find your page and 50 of them opted into becoming subscribers to your list, this is a 50% optin rate.

"Double vs Single Optin": Most email lists feature double optins: where the subscriber enters their email address and then has to click on a link in their email to confirm their subscription. Many services requires that you use Double Optin.

"Open Rate": Of your 50 subscribers, if 25 of them choose to open your emails (and presumably if they opened these emails they are reading them), this is a 50% open rate. Average optin rates are 35% and average open rates are 40%.

"Click-through Rate": Of those who open your emails, the best proof of their effectiveness are those who have taken action to click through to your offer. Click-through rates will vary based on the quality of what you are promoting.

"Autoresponder": The daily messages sent to subscribers after they optin to a list are known as "autoresponders". These are follow up emails that are automatically sent by an email service.

"Traffic": is the stream of visitors to your squeeze or landing page. There are two categories of traffic: Free or Paid. Free traffic costs you time to generate, while Paid traffic costs you money.

"Tracking": is the process of finding out how well you are doing every step of the way. These are statistics about optin rates, open rates, and click-through rates. Tracking is the way to know what is and what is not working in your sales process ("sales funnel").

"Sales Funnel": From the first page where the visitor optins into your list to the last page where the prospect becomes a customer by purchasing a product from you, this process is the sales funnel.

"Conversions": By now, you are wondering where the money is... it is here. Those who buy are "converted" from visitors-prospects to paying customers. Here is where the money in the list is.

Email Marketing Tips:

Double Profits: Only half the conversions are made with the initial presentation of the offer. The other half is made by the follow up autoresponder emails like this one. That is why they are important!

Email Format: Plain text emails are "old" school while HTML emails are used by most serious Internet marketers. Not only do HTML emails look better, they come with links under text like "click here" which makes it easier for your prospects to visit your page and for you to track those visits.

Day of Your Email: Never send emails on Saturday and Sunday or on major holidays in the US and around the world. Why? People are busy doing something else... and are less likely to read that email you are paying to send... so save yourself money.

Timing of Your Email: A recent study showed that the best times for sending your emails are from 3pm to 4pm US Eastern Standard Time. This catches the United States in prime time and good timing for the United Kingdom and Australia to get your emails read.

Finding Offers: The best places to locate offers are JVZoo, the Warrior Forum, and ClickBank. Since you have a list, you will want to keep on offering high quality products to your list: it is win-win!

Being Safe: The safest way to do this kind of email marketing is where you have your own domain (like where you must have legal notices like "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy" as well as your contact information to stay safe.

Unsubscribes: When people enter their email address and optin to your list, this is a low committment activity. This means that they will easily change their mind... so unsubscribes will happen no matter how good a job you have done all along your sales funnel. So do not take unsubscribes personally.

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