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The following describes the Privacy Policy for the "Laser Traffic" business (based in New Jersey USA and the parent company is "Fun Life" - see contact information below). This is hereafter referred to as "THE COMPANY".

Please see THE COMPANY'S Anti-Spam Policy as it is related to our Privacy Policy. We summarize it this way: WE HATE SPAM! We will NEVER sell, rent, barter or share the Email address of you, the USER of this WEBSITE, (herafter USER) with anyone!

OUR GOAL: THE COMPANY strives to offer its USERS the many advantages of Internet technology while providing an interactive and personalized experience on this website. THE COMPANY may use "Personally Identifiable Information" about you (including but not limited to your name, your email address, your street address, and your telephone number) (hereafter USER-DATA) subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

OUR GUARANTEE: THE COMPANY will never sell, barter, rent, or otherwise broadcast your USER-DATA to any unauthorized third party. THE COMPANY'S intention for collecting USER-DATA from you is to conduct our business to serve you better. Accordingly, THE COMPANY will NOT share your USER-DATA to other parties unless you, the USER, have expressly authorized us to do so.

Attention: European Union (EU) citizens: This is the compliance notice for the "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR).

* EMAIL OPT-IN: When you opt-in for our email list, it is for the purpose of sending you our Free E-zine and for no other purpose. This is a SINGLE OPT-IN ONLY (not a double opt-in)! If you do not agree with a single opt-in process, then DO NOT opt-in.
* REQUEST FOR INFORMATION: If you have requested information via email, an autoresponder, or an online form, your email will only be used to respond to your request and for no other purpose.
* REQUEST FOR PRODUCT OR SERVICE: When you order products or services from us, your email address is only used for the purpose of fulfilling your order and for no other purpose.
* COOKIE CONSENT & MANAGEMENT: By using this COMPANY'S Website, you are agreeing to our COOKIE policies (below). If you do NOT agree with our cookie management system, then stop using this website immediately. Click here to see our COOKIE policy.
* RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN: THE COMPANY will delete ANY customer's data from its servers and backups upon request (written requests by email containing proof of identity is preferred).
* DATA ACCESS REQUIREMENT: THE COMPANY will respond to requests for data usually in seven (7) days and at most three (3) months (for complex requests). The response will be in the form of email in clear and plain language. The requesting party must provide sufficient information to prove their right to receive the data.
* DATA BREACH NOTIFICATION REQUIREMENT: THE COMPANY, in the event of a data breach, will not later than 72 hours after having become aware of it, notify all affected parties. If this cannot be done within 72 hours, it shall be accompanied by reasons for the delay.
* DATA RECTIFICATION SYSTEM: THE COMPANY, in the event of a data error, will not later than 72 hours after having become aware of it, will correct said errors. If this cannot be done within 72 hours, it shall be accompanied by reasons for the delay.
* NO DEALINGS WITH MINORS: THE COMPANY does not knowingly serve minors. THE COMPANY will ask for the age of its clients where there is any doubt about that matter.

YOUR PRIVACY: You, the USER of this COMPANY'S Website, are very important to us at THE COMPANY. To better protect your privacy, THE COMPANY provides this notice explaining our Internet information practices and the choices you, the USER, can make about the way your USER-DATA is collected and used by THE COMPANY.

YOUR AGREEMENT: You, the USER of this COMPANY'S Website, agree to these policies and understand by the fact that you have used our website and that you have chosen - voluntarily and without any coercion or compensation to supply it - to provide THE COMPANY with your USER-DATA whether by whether by paper mail, email, text, phone, web-form, or other form of communication not listed here.

OUR ACCESS: We thank you, the USER of this COMPANY'S Website, for the honor for providing us with permission to contact you. THE COMPANY will not share, rent, or sell any of your personal information. If you received an email or other communication from us, it is because you have:
* Subscribed to one of our newsletters or discussion lists.

* Requested information via autoresponder (instant emails).
* Purchased products or services from us (includes ebooks/audios).
* Asked to contact you via one of more of our online forms.
* Requested a consultation in the past or are already a client.
This website collects and review non-personal information about our visitors. The information helps us to improve our website's content. It is also used as part of our marketing efforts (and is only shared inhouse). Our statistics capture:
* The type of browser you have (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Netscape, AOL, etc).
* How you found our site (links from sites, articles, search engines, etc).
* How many and which pages you visited, including inactive pages.
As a rule, we request the minimum information necessary in a given situation, (for example, we do not need your full name for you to subscribe to our ezine).

YOUR RIGHTS UNDER STATE LAW: Depending upon the state you reside or live in, You, the USER of this COMPANY'S Website, may have additional rights originating from State laws. These State-based rights may augment, strengthen, or otherwise compliment any privacy rights you have inherently or under Federal law(s) of the United States of America.

OUR COMPLIANCE WITH ALL LAWS: THE COMPANY'S policy is to comply fully with the privacy policies of every jurisdiction in which we operate. You, the USER of this WEBSITE, are free to use THE COMPANY'S Contact Information (at the bottom of this page) to reach us at any time to assert any of your privacy rights under law.

OUR COMMITMENT TO CHILDREN'S PRIVACY: Protecting the privacy of children is important to THE COMPANY. For that reason, THE COMPANY'S website will never collect or maintain information from those we have cause to know are children (under 18, hereafter MINORS). No part of THE COMPANY'S website is structured to attract MINORS.

OUR REFUSAL TO SERVICE MINORS: Under THE COMPANY'S Terms of Service and Conditions of Use, MINORS are not allowed to use our website and MINORS are strictly prohibited from purchasing anything from us, clearly demonstrating that it is not our intention to offer anything to MINORS.

COLLECTION OF USER-DATA - PURCHASE: Purchases by the USER from the COMPANY require collecting certain information which include but are not limited to: PayPal account information, credit card information, the complete contact information like the full address for billing and/or shipping, the main telephone number, main email address, and so on.

Refusing to provide ANY of this information means THE COMPANY will not provide you, the USER, with the product(s), service(s), and membership(s) you have requested. THE COMPANY will contact all of its BUYERS by telephone to confirm their identity as a fraud prevention measure.

COLLECTION OF USER-DATA - "IP ADDRESS": When you, the USER of this COMPANY'S Website, are visiting it, the IP address you used to access our website may be logged along with the dates and times of your access. This use made of your USER-DATA includes but is not limited to administering our website, tracking USER'S movements, analyzing sales trends, and gathering broad demographic information for internal use such as statistical assessments and website improvement.

Be advised that any recorded IP addresses will be linked to the related USER-DATA and may be used against you by THE COMPANY to protect its interests in the event of complaints, regulatory compliance, or litigation.

COLLECTION OF USER-DATA - "COOKIES": When you, the USER of this COMPANY'S Website, are visiting it, you are opening up your computer to be changed by "cookies" and other files containing strings of numbers and/or letters (hereafter "COOKIES") that are written to its hard drive. This is a common and widely accepted Internet practice because COOKIES are a means of improving the USER'S experience by allowing THE COMPANY to customize your use of our website to better serve you.

Cookies Used: On THE COMPANY'S Website, we use:

* Functionality Cookies: These cookies provide essential functionality. They allow you to navigate around the Website securely. They help web pages load quicker. They provide you with services you have specifically requested. They ensure that your payments are processed securely.

* Customization Cookies: These cookies enhance the functionality of the Website by storing your preferences. They store your USER-DATA when you provide this information.

* Tracking Cookies: These cookies store information about you, the USER, that help us tailor our Website to your interests. This data (hereafter STATISTICS) include but are not limited to: the source that referred you to our Website, the time and duration of your visit on our Website, your destination when you leave our Website, the type of operating system and web browser used on your computer, and your browsing history.

Cookies Results: Your USER-DATA is used to create an "aggregate of information" which may be used by THE COMPANY and its USERS to understand our overall user base. THE COMPANY may share this "aggregate of information" about our Website visitors as a whole, not individually, with THIRD PARTIES for various purposes, according to our sole discretion.

You are free to configure your web browser to disable these COOKIES or otherwise receive notification of about them so you can take whatever desired action you so choose.
Should you choose to refuse COOKIES this may disable some of our Website functions through your computer.

COLLECTION OF USER-DATA - "THIRD PARTY": When you, the USER of this COMPANY'S Website, are visiting it, your computer can be changed by COOKIES from other parties (hereafter "THIRD PARTIES"). THE COMPANY has no access to or control over COOKIES used by third party advertisers. You can opt out of some, though likely not all, of these cookies by clicking here. The USERS' must verify removal of COOKIES.

Google Adsense and the DoubleClick DART Cookie: Google, as a third party advertisement vendor, may use cookies to serve ads on THE COMPANY'S Website. The use of DART cookies by Google enables them to serve ads to visitors that are based on their visits to this Website, including past visits to this Website and others. To opt out of the DART cookies, visit the Google ad and content network privacy policy by clicking here. Tracking of users through the DART cookie mechanisms are subject to Google's own privacy policies.

Other Third Party Ad Servers/Ad Networks: Other THIRD PARTIES may also use cookies to track USER'S activities on the COMPANY'S Website to measure advertisement effectiveness as well as other reasons stated in their own privacy policies usually on their own website(s).

Other Third Party Service Providers: At times, your USER-DATA will be stored with THIRD PARTY service providers, such as web hosting or email service providers, as they provide secure, high quality services. You, the USER of this WEBSITE, are never required to deal with any such THIRD PARTY directly. THIRD PARTIES are limited in how they can use your USER-DATA and they cannot sell or transfer it to others.

Links to Third Party Websites: THE COMPANY has included links on their website for you, the USER'S, reference (click here for these links). THE COMPANY provides them to its USERS for informational purposes only. THE COMPANY does not guarantee the quality of the products or services provided by these THIRD PARTIES. Nor is THE COMPANY responsible for their privacy policies which may differ from our own.

COLLECTION OF USER-DATA - PUBLIC: Other USER-DATA may be collected from you, the USER of this COMPANY'S Website, resulting in communications of which you will be fully aware of because as you are the direct source in providing or receiving it. These include but are not limited to: your comments on a blog post, your reply to an email (whether broadcast message or autoresponder), your submission of an email address, your completion of a survey, your requests via paper mail, email, text, phone, web-form, or other form of communication not listed here.

Any USER-DATA that you, the USER, provides to others apart from COMPANY or their related THIRD PARTIES is at your own risk. For example, you sharing information with us about any other third party not functioning as THE COMPANY'S THIRD PARTY service provider is public information.

PRIVACY RESTRICTIONS: You, the USER of this COMPANY'S Website, agree and understand that you will forgo ANY and ALL rights to privacy under the following circumstances.

If you risk the security of your username and password to protected COMPANY web-content (whether a username and password is generated by our website or created by you, the USER) by failing to keep it private (as in sharing it with others) and since it is linked to your USER-DATA, you also forgo your rights to privacy with the COMPANY.

If you, the USER, have been charged with breaking or have violated ANY laws or regulations in ANY jurisdiction both domestic (US) and international, your USER-DATA will be turned over to the appropriate authorities.

If your actions or inactions could create legal liability for THE COMPANY or to protect THE COMPANY'S interests, your USER-DATA will be turned over to the appropriate authorities.


As with any of THE COMPANY'S Website Policy pages, the contents of this page can and will change over time. This page could read differently as of your very next visit. These changes are made by THE COMPANY in order to protect both the USER and the COMPANY.

If this page is important to you, you should check back frequently as no other notice of changed content will be provided either before or after the change takes effect.


The legal notices and administrative pages on this website have been reviewed by an attorney. We at THE COMPANY have paid to license the use of these legal notices and administrative pages on this website for your protection and ours. This material may not be used in any way for any reason and unauthorized use is policed to detect violators.


If you have any questions about the contents of this page, or simply wish to reach THE COMPANY for any other reason, you may do so by using our Contact information. To contact "Laser Traffic", here is how:

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