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Helping You to Succeed: Videos

WHY Videos? The Statistics

If I were just staring online today, I would create a video before I created a website... why? Studies have shown that:

59%: would rather watch a video than read a web page. Of those who watch a video: 65% of click through to either visit site or call for more information and 50% of that 65% click through to make a purchase (Forbes Insight).

1.8 Million Words or 3,600 typical web pages: which is the value of one minute of video (James McQuivey, Forrester Research).

100 Million Internet users: who watch online video each day of any kind, including those which sell products (Video Brewery).

Number One Search Engine: is Google now but YouTube is projected to pass it as videos are becoming more popular (various sources).

This is in addition to the fact that the SAME video looks great across DIFFERENT devices (mobile, PC, or tablet).

The good news is that there is great video software out there to help you to create a video in a matter of hours for less than $100!

The Types of Videos

Before investing in video software, the question to ask is which kind of video do you want?

Selfies: Most phones and laptops come with cameras where you can record yourself for no futher cost. The good news is you can get started right away. The bad news is the video usually looks and sounds cheap because the lighting is too bright or dark and the sound is drowned out by background noise.

Slideshows: These are a series of "info slides" which convey your message much like a Powerpoint presentation. The good news is these can be created with common software tools (like graphic editors). The bad news is they look common and are less eye-catching than motion videos.

Motions: These are videos in motion like those that sketch (with hands that look like they are drawing your message) or animated characters (that look like cartoon characters who are delivering your message). The good news is - if done properly - they can give the right image for your business. The bad news is they are costly, time consuming, and - if done poorly - can make your business look bad.

So, if you are starting, which one should you choose?

If you are a polished and professional presenter, then do a selfie.

If you are just getting started, then do a slideshow.

If you have some experience with selfies and slideshows, then it is time to go into the motion picture business.

The Best Marketed Video Software

Now that you are excited about creating your first video, what software will you choose?

The ones which are best marketed online are:

Easy Sketch Pro: This is sketch software and it can turn any graphic into an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) which allows that graphic to look like it is being drawn into existence. Plus it comes with SVGs that are being updated all time... for free just for buying it. The bad news is (why I cannot recommend it) is that it is "square" and not "rectangular" and so looks horrible on YouTube and Daily Motion.

Video Maker FX: This is slideshow software and if you want to learn how to make videos then this is the place to learn it. It is so easy to use that a complete beginner can start and crank out a video in less than an hour. The bad news is (why I cannot recommend it) is that it does not precisely synchronize the voice track with the slides so that it sounds off when you play back the final product.

Why do I tell you about these? Because they are everywhere online... and their users only discover these truths... too late.

The Best Video Creation Software

The winners are...

Wondershare Video Editor

First of all, you can try it with a free download and try it before you buy it! It is VERY easy to use. It excels in importing media (like graphics, music, and even other videos). It allows precise synchronization of voice and music. It can export is a wide variety of formats. The only downsides are that you must mix voice and music in another software. The worst is that the files are huge because the compression is not the best but... I simply will not use anything else... this is it!


The good news is this is THE only software out there that combines selfies, slideshows, and motions all in one video. The better news is that plugging into this ezine list gets you news and discounts on leading edge products (I recovered the cost of Explaindio just with these discounts). The bad news is this needs more work...

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