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Helping You to Succeed: Infographics

WHY Infographics? The Statistics

Infographics? Most likely you have seen them without knowing their official name.

Infographics are those cool images which are full of statistics with pictures that can be quickly consumed and easily understood.

For example, did you know that?

99% of all sensory information is filtered out by the brain almost immediately... and infographics are NOT in this 1%. Why?

90% of the human brain is devoted to visual processing so graphics are easily understood.

60,000 times faster... is how visuals are processed by the brain compared to text so graphics are quickly understood.

WHY Infographics? Their Marketing Power

Infographics? Here is their power to get your message across:

800% is how much infographic searches have increased over the last three years.

45% more users will click on a link which features an infographic.

30% of users clicking on an infographic are likely to share it with others.

93% of Facebook posts are photos because they get the highest response... and on FB infographics are treated as photos.

What Infographics Contain

Infographics? Here is what they include:

Cool, eye catching pictures that capture the essence of your message.

Short bytes of information which convey the specifics of your message.

Numbers, Percentages, and Statistics which prove your message. This is best if they come from studies from respected authorities (if so, include the source).

Your web address and other contact information.

Your logo and other brand messaging.

480 to 640 pixels wide is best for viewing on mobile devices.

Infographic Design Samples

Infographics? To understand them properly, below are some links to some professionally designed infographics that I have used:

GRAPHIC SLING: Infographics Business

GRAPHIC SLING: Infographics Motivation

Here is one of my Infographics:

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