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TIP #1: Look for the Payment Processor

If you are going to buy any Internet Marketing Tools online... here is what to look for:

Online I will only buy from the following FOUR sources... which are (in order):

1- JvZoo is the leading provider of Internet Marketing products. Not only does JvZoo provide a platform where you can access your purchases, they stand behind their products by supporting easy refunds.

2- Clickbank is the leading provider of digital products. When you keep your receipt, you can get easy refunds.

3- Warrior Forum is a close second to JvZoo in providing Internet Marketing products. It supports refunds and has the best interface for displaying the details of product offerings.

4- Paypal is the payment vendor for JvZoo, Clickbank, and WarriorForum and is the second line of defense to protect your payments from unscrupulous vendors.

TIP #2: Do Your Homework

If you are going to buy any Internet Marketing Tools online... here is what to look for:

Just because vendors are listed on JvZoo, Clickbank, WarriorForum, or PayPal does not mean their products are automatically good. You still need to do your homework... but fortunately that is not hard to do.

1- Google It: Enter the name of marketer and the name of the product (do each search separately) into Google and see what comes up first. If the first search yields results like "scam" or "complaints", then walk away. Then Google the product using the product name and "scam", "complaint", or "review" to see what comes up and make a decision.

2- YouTube It: Enter the name of marketer and the name of the product (do each search separately) into YouTube and see what comes up first. Look at the YouTube comments to see what comes up and make a decision. If the vendor has a Google Plus page linked into their YouTube account, check out those comments as well for more user feedback.

3- Best Seller Lists: Check the best seller lists on JvZoo, Clickbank, and WarriorForum to see how that product is selling. Best selling products seel well for a reason.

4- Email Longevity: Start by joining many email lists for the niche you are interested in. You will see the same names coming up again and again. Those who are around for a long time... are usually around for a long time because they offer good products.

TIP #3: Look for Signs of Quality

1- Under Promise Then Over Deliver: The best digital marketers offer bonuses- extras to sweeten the deal. Those who are committed to delivering value can do so easily in the digital world by giving "created once good forever" (evergreen) content with their offer.

2- Contact Information: The best marketers are real people who give their full contact information, including their real name, their real street address, and their real email address. Otherwise, run fast, run far.

3- Support: The best marketers have dedicated support teams. Good support gets back to you via email within 24-48 hours. If there is no support -or- if the support consists of forums where users have to rely on other users, then look for a better product.

4- Good Social Proof: Most marketers do have fan pages on Social Media sites like Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. While you should be aware that many marketers pay for favorable comments, many are genuine, especially the complaints. Good marketers have good social proof.

CASE STUDY: "Build My List"

Jimmy Kim's "Build My List" offer is a good example of a great Internet Marketing offer which is powered by JvZoo and Paypal. Click Here to see it!

Here is why this was/is one great offer:

1- UNDER PROMISE THEN OVER DELIVER: Proven Method: When you are first starting out, you learn quickly that your mistakes can be expensive. So, if you are on low budget, money mistakes are one thing you cannot afford. That is why selling a "Done For You Proven" product - at a 100% commission - like BML - is awesome!

100% Commission: The best way to succeed online is to sell a high quality, high value product... and keep all the profits for yourself. Yes, you can keep 100% of the profit if you become an Elite member.

High Quality Information: This insider video course gives you the information you need to work smarter (not harder). I learned more in 2 weeks from this BML course than in 2 years elsewhere online.

Profitable Traffic: The business of any business is attracting customers for its offers. "Build My List" shows you how to connect with the best sources of those who are highly interested in what you have to offer (traffic) so that you can turn visitors (convert) into paying customers increasing your profits!


JK Marketing LLC
2657 Windmill Parkway #233
Henderson, NV 89074

Multi-Millionaire: Most rich people will say that they became wealthy because they had wealthy mentors showing them the way. Jimmy Kim has created millions of dollars in sales online and he shares his secrets in this program.

Free but Priceless Giveaway: "Build My List" comes with the free ebook by millionaire marketer, Jimmy Kim, which details his successes online. Click here to get it!

Traffic Discount: "Build My List" members receive a 20% discount off a high quality traffic source to get your profitable going quickly. They offer other sound recommendations for finding other high quality traffic sources.


For Support: email "Build My List" has helpful people who give you accurate answers so you can get the help you need to succeed online. They usually respond within 24 hours during their business week.


Social proof is where Jimmy Kim needs to do more work... but I like him anyway!

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