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Helping You to Succeed: YouTube

Video Sharing Sites

So you have a video but how do you get it seen by your customers? Start by putting it on video sharing sites.

The three main video sharing sites are:

- YouTube: It is not just for funny videos anymore. Serious marketers have their own channel on YouTube. YouTube has the best search algorithms (so that your video is served for the relevant, related keywords), the best tools for linking your video to your site, and the highest levels of traffic.

- DailyMotion: It models itself on YouTube but is less feature rich. Yet since DailyMotion is lesser known, there is less competition for traffic. Yet, it can create a good response to your videos... so do not overlook it.

- Vimeo: Unlike YouTube and DailyMotion, is a paid video sharing service for businesses because it is free of ads. Save your money: Vimeo is not worth it due to its poor search algorithm.

Ranking Videos on YouTube

Join the YouTube Revolution!

YouTube has more than 1 billion users.
Hundreds of millions of hours are watched daily.
Billions of views are made on YouTube daily.
YouTube viewership doubled from 2012 to 2014.
300 hours of video are uploaded every minute.
YouTube is in 75 countries and 61 languages.
Half of YouTube views are on mobile devices.

Here is what you can do to get your video more highly ranked on YouTube for your niche's keywords:

1- Filename: Put your main keywords along with the domain name of your website. Use the maximum character count (150) characters in the file name of your video such as:

make-money-online-makemoneyonline- earnonline-listbuild-free-traffic-freetraffic-paid-traffic- paidtraffic-build-my-list-buildmylist-lasertraffic.mp4

2- Description: Put as many keywords and links to your website as possible in your description. Remember that you are only allowed to have 1,000 characters in the description.

To find out how many characters are in your file name or description, you can count them here:

3- Comments: If you are not able to get everything you want say in the description, use the comments to add whatever else you want your customers to know. If you have infographics, put a link them in the comments.

Driving Traffic from YouTube

Here is what you can do to get your videos driving traffic to your site:

1- YouTube Cards: This is an "i" button that floats over your video. Since users are used to clicking on the "i" to get more information, you can get your viewer to visit your site, to promote your products, to join a fund-raiser, to visit another channel, or to view another video.

2- Annotations: You can add clickable items to your video like:

Speech Bubbles: pop-ups containing text.
Spotlight: for highlighting areas.
Note: pop-up boxes containing text.
Title: text overlay to title your video.
Label: name a certain part of your video.

3- Links: You can add links to your website, to your videos, and to allow users to subscribe your channel.

Ezine: link to your free newsletter.
Ebook: link to your free ebook.
Ecourse: link to your free ecourse.

Driving Traffic to Other YouTube Videos

Here is what you can do to get your YouTube videos drive traffic to your other videos:

1- Playlists: These are a list of videos where when one video ends, the next one starts to play. Even if you use only one playlist for all your videos, this keeps the user inside your channel. Otherwise, YouTube will send them to another related video on someone else's channel.

2- Cross Promote: At the end of your video, always give links to your other videos which are logically related to the current video the user has watched.

3- New vs Returning Subscribers: Be sure to select the video that new subscribers will see as well as the video existing subscribers will see for maximum exposure.

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