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Helping You to Succeed: FaceBook

Join the FaceBook Revolution!

So you have a website but how do you get it seen by your customers? Start by advertising on FaceBook!

There are 1.11 billion Facebook users.
There are 665 million daily active FB users.
There are 50 million Facebook pages.
There are 751 million Facebook mobile users.
77% of B2C (Business to Customers) businesses acquire new customers on Facebook.

Quite simply, you can reach 6,000 customers for as low as $30 (I have done this!).

42% of Business Owners say FB Advertising is a CRITICAL priority for their business.

FB advertising CTRs (Click Through Rates) are increasing 160% each year because of the powerful FaceBook search algorithms which delivers highly targeted traffic for ANY online business in ANY niche.

FB Posts can go VIRAL: meaning that those who are your target customers... will advertize FOR you by liking, commenting, and sharing your posts! These kind of referrals are POWERFUL for conversions.

Getting Posts Noticed on FaceBook!

1- Facebook LOVES Videos! In fact, if you post your video on FaceBook, they receive priority! They are now 30% of the FB Desktop News Feed!

2- Facebook wants to PASS YouTube as the top video sharing site: videos on Facebook are increasing 758% each year as a result!

3- 93% of FB User Engagement is Photos!! When your photos are interesting, clear, high resolution, you are bound to get 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click throughs!

4- Post a Photo (this can be a graphic or an infographic and not just a photo) as the main post - never put a link back to your site in the main post! Instead put that link back to your site in the comments to the post to get greater FB exposure!

5- Make sure whatever you post on Facebook, you also post on your website! Get a CONVERSION pixel from FaceBook to track the traffic FROM FaceBook to your site!

Increase Post Engagement on FaceBook!

1- To get a 100% increase in comments on your post ask a question at the end of your POST rather than in the middle... to get others to comment!

2- Keep your post short and to the point. This will get 60% more engagement on your post. People are trained by texts to want shorter messages.

3- Post regularly. If daily posts are too much for you, make sure to post at least WEEKLY to show that you have a FB presence.

4- Using emoticons in your posts have been shown to get increase likes by 57%, shares by 33%, and comments by 33% because they personalize posts.

5- For Facebook, Thursday and Friday are the best days to advertise as documented by FB itself!

Increase Your EDGES on FaceBook!

Edges are what you do on FB (make posts of text, photos, videos, like, comment, share).

FB decides how to communicate EDGES based on the following formula:

Edge Rank = Affinity + Weight + Time Decay

Affinity = How often your fans engage with your posts so create posts that drive interaction (engagement).

Weight = Posts that are rich in content: The richest are Videos, the next are Photos, then Text, and least rich are eternal Links.

This is why you never put an external link in the main post... and only in the comments!
Time Decay = New posts are given priority unless older posts have great engagement.

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