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Helping You to Succeed: Reddit

Why Should You Look Into Reddit?

Reddit Delivers Traffic

Reddit delivers highly targeted traffic to...

- 36 million registered users
- 169 monthly unique visitors
- 856,824 subreddits (9,601 are highly active)
- 209 countries participate in Reddit
- 7.55 billion page views

Reddit is the last remnant of the very old Internet: an online bulletin board system.

Reddit enables its registered community (whose members are known as "Redditors") to submit any kind of interesting content, such as text posts or direct links. It organizes this content into Sub-reddits which are based on broad keywords. Its users then vote the posts up or down to either feature the post or discard it.

To give you an idea of Reddit's power:

On one of my sites... Reddit delivers 25% of the traffic due to a link that was voted through the roof by the users. I did not do anything to generate this traffic... other than to have high quality content!

Sub-reddits Inside Reddit

How Sub-reddits Work

1- Sub-reddits are user-created and managed by their creators and a group of volunteer moderators who can make or break the presence of your site on Redditt.

2- Sub-reddit traffic data is only viewable by moderators and the paid staff. So it is immune to paid likes, comments, or shares that can be commissioned for sites like Facebook or YouTube.

3- Default Sub-reddits (suggested as the first places for users to signup) are r/pics, r/funny, and r/politics... and these average 5,000 new subscribers daily.

4- r/pics gets an average of 580,000 visitors and 3.2 million page views daily while r/funny has gotten 130,000 visitors.

So do your homework... because, unlike the old Internet bias against advertising, Reddit sells ads that deliver.

Researching Reddit for Advertising

Being Compliant with Reddit

If you want to succeed on Reddit, then here is what you have to do... to make sure that your advertising complies with Reddit's policies and gets you quality traffic:

1- Research Your Market on Reddit: Before you post on Reddit, look at what others are already saying about you... because if you have a presence online, Redditors are sure to have already commented on it.

2- Organic Reddit Posts: Posts that Redditors have made about your site (which may show up as are pure gold. Do MORE posts like that to get even MORE free, quality traffic from Reddit.

3- Search Reddit: Find out what are Redditors like and dislike about your competitors... and let it guide your advertise. Learn from their mistakes and replicate their successes. You will not get a second chance to make a first impression on Reddit.

4- Respond to Reddit Comments: You will get questions and comments... you need to respond to them as quickly as possible. Be yourself: being too "market-y" and "sales-y" will turn Redditors to you, your brand, and your business. If you give Reddit users a special discount (as they expect it), you will get a better response.

Getting Setup on Reddit

Being Compliant with Reddit

If you want to succeed on Reddit, make sure that your advertising complies with Reddit's policies and gets you quality traffic:

1- Custom Reddit Splash Page: Reddit advises that you "greet Redditors with a customized landing page communicates that you care where your viewers come from" but good luck finding some examples of how to do this.

This is an example of the main problem with Reddit... it is a disorganized mess... that is impossible to search and (seems to be) intentionally designed to be confusing... so you will need an extreme amount of patience to navigate the Reddit jungle successfully.
2- Custom Reddit Thumbnail: Reddit advises you to create an "eye catching, interest grabbing, relevant, clear" thumbnail image. Good luck finding examples online: click here for one place to start.

3- Avoid Ad Fatigue: If you do long term advertising on Reddit, change your creative every few weeks. Keeping it fresh keeps Redditors interested and it helps stop them from ignoring your ad.

4- Feedback Not Criticism: Reddit expects you to act on the feedback/criticism that you get from Redditors... if you fail to do so, you can get banned from advertising on Reddit... permanently.

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