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Helping You to Succeed: Twitter

Why should you care about Twitter?

Twitter Delivers Traffic

Twitter delivers highly targeted traffic to...

- 1 billion registered users
- 316 million active registered users
- 550 million users have tweeted once
- 117 million users tweet monthly
- Saudi Arabia is the most active country

Twitter has become the fastest way to break news, especially if you are a brand or a celebrity with lots of followers.

The good news is that you can get your business noticed fast... the bad news is that your Tweets will disappear in the cyber-wind faster than the speed of light unless you actively manage the process of tweeting your brand messages.

The best way to succeed on Twitter is...

1- Clever Background: On Twitter, your brand is your cover photo. A perfect picture is worth a thousand tweets. You want your page image to be memorable, engaging, inviting, and highly relevant. It is worth investing in a professional stock photo from a paid photo site to communicate your brand message.

2- Be Entertaining: 50% of your tweets MUST be entertaining content. Tell people key facts about the topic of your niche... that will interest them. INTERESTING is the key word here: if your tweets are self absorbed, trivial, or selling too hard, you will fail.

3- Be Generous: Twitter users know that if there is a shortened link (from tinyurl or bitly) that you are going to link to your site. So when you tweet your link - it must be 50% or less of your tweets. GIVE your followers a reason to click your link... like "get your free ebook" or "watch the free video" so you can get Twitter traffic.

4- Respond to Comments: If your tweets are considered out of line in the "Twitter-sphere" (other tweeters) you will get told about it. Be sure to respond to comments by being genuine and by adjusting what you are tweeting based upon follower feedback.

The best way to get followers on Twitter...

1- First 1,000 Followers: Until you have 1,000 followers, just tweet content to attract a base of followers organically.

2- Follow Others: The best way to get your followers is to follow others... but be sure to only follow those who have shown interest in your niche or in your topic.

3- Avoid Spam Software: Do not use software to scrape leads from Twitter. This never works well... and it identifies you as a spammer. This poisons your brand... which is the opposite of what you want to do. You want organic, loyal Twitter followers.

4- Due Diligience: To use Twitter as a marketing platform, it will take at least one year of working three hours per day. So this is for advanced marketers who already have their message out there on other social media platforms.

Twitter: Advanced Long Term Strategy

If you want to start the process of getting established on Twitter, here is one place to start:

Hummingbird for Twitter!

Hummingbird is the automated solution to gaining more followers. Remember that: your credibility on Twitter is directly related to the number of people who follow you.

Getting followers just plain takes time. If you want to market on Twitter, then take the time to give out free content and just build up your follower base.

Start out by composing 200 tweets and use them see how well Hummingbird performs for you... and then decide if your business is the kind that can succeed on Twitter.

Yet beware automated tweets... because Twitter can ban you for spamming tweets.

To be honest, in my opinion, Twitter is too much work for too little benefit for those marketing a small business online. It is best for Fortune 500 companies.

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