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Helping You to Succeed: Photo Sharing

Why should you care about Photo Sharing?

Facebook is credited with the photo sharing craze (by Harvard Business School) because its Timeline layout emphasizes photos. 93% of FB User Engagement is Photos!!

Photo sharing has become popular because:

1- Businesses can cash in on the highly targeted, free traffic that is created by the big photo sharing sites - Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr - as well as Facebook.

2- The ease of taking and sharing catchy photos on the free sites... and the fact that they can go viral and advertise your business... for free.

3- That photos can be encoded with all the relevant keywords (both in the filename and in the meta data) so they get your site ranked higher on the search engines.

4- The fact that graphical images (like infographics and photos) look the same across all browsers... and are not dependent upon the changing requirements of HTML and Wordpress for how they are displayed.

5- Photos take up less space on servers and can be consumed immediately unlike videos which take time and prolonged attention to convey your message.

Why should you care about Instagram?

It delivers highly targeted traffic to...

- 300 million monthly active users
- 75 million daily active users
- 70% of users are outside the US
- Fastest growing audience: young adults
- Fastest growing country: United States

Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing and video-sharing platform. Instagram allows photos and videos to be shared across Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr directly from a mobile phone.

In 2012, Instagram was bought by Facebook. In 2015, Facebook supports placing ads on Instagram directly through Facebook so make sure you select it as an ad source.

If you have a cool photo for your business that you believe has the potential to go viral, share it on Instagram.

To get started, all you need to do is get the Instagram app and start uploading.

Wiki How has a tutorial about how to setup and share content on Instagram.

My advice: you can only use Instagram from your phone which I find is a pain! You cannot do anything on Instagram on your PC except advertise on it through Facebook. If you want to do Instagram, it is best to get software that will post for you.

Why should you care about Pinterest?

It delivers highly targeted traffic to...

- 73 million daily active users
- 500,000 business accounts
- 47% of users buy from a Pinterest post
- 67% of content is from a business website
- Fastest creation of 10 million unique users

Pinterest is an image based social network meaning that all you can upload to this site is pictures (photos, graphics, infographics).

Pinterest continues to be fastest growing social site. Partly why this has happened is that there is "Pinterest for Business".

All business owners need to do is install a browser extension which allows the upload of their pictures directly from their website into Pinterest... this could not be easier.

Better still, you can organize your content into "boards" of related "pins" (pictures that you upload) making it easy to find.

Best of all, when new users join Pinterest they are asked to follow 5 keywords.So this helps Pinterest know about your own interests and serves up your board to others who share them.

Wiki How has a tutorial about how to setup and share content on Pinterest.

My advice: get a Pinterest account now! It has an easy to use interface and great support. It allows you to organize your content easily and effectively. It has a great search feature so that others can find you easily. If you are posting any photos on Facebook, Pinterest will better organize them. I love Pinterest!

Why should you care about Tumblr?

It delivers highly targeted traffic to...

- 420 million registered users
- 217 million registered blogs
- 199 million monthly visitors
- 113 million posts per day
- 99 billion posts annually

Unlike Instagram and Pinterest, Tumblr is more than a photo sharing site. Like Facebook, there are many other things you can do... although photos are the most popular Tumblr posts.

Here is what you can do on Tumblr:

Photo Post: single image with a brief description.
Video Post: embedded video from any site (YouTube).
Audio Post: single .mp3 file (music track, podcast).
Text Post: this can be plain text or HTML formatted.
Quote Post: short saying with crediting of its origin.
Link Post: link to a page on an external website.
Chat Post: shares a portion of a conversation.

Wiki How has a tutorial about how to setup and share content on Tumblr.

My advice: Tumblr is a hot mess. Its interface is hard to use. It blows up your photos to huge proportions. I think it is a much better video sharing site even though Tumblr's claim to fame is photo sharing. Have a presence there but... do NOT invest huge amounts of time on Tumblr.

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