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Helping You to Succeed: LinkedIn

Why should you care about LinkedIn (In)?

It delivers highly targeted traffic to...

- 107 million In users in the US
- 97 million monthly unique visitors
- 70% of users are outside the US
- In is the third fastest growing social site
- In works best Mon-Fri 9am to 4pm (US zones)
- In members have the highest income ($100k avg)
- In sends four times more people to your site
   compared to Facebook and Twitter

Linkedin is a business-oriented social network dedicated to helping professionals stay in contact with their business connections.

LinkedIn connections are used by professionals to market themselves by posting their detailed job title and work histories. On Linked-In, members can search for a job and find out more about potential employers and their contacts.

Yet LinkedIn is no longer just a resume posting site.
It has become an advertising site that reaches LinkedIn's audience of highly affluent professionals.

About LinkedIn Advertising (LinkedIn Ads)

LinkedIn Advertising (LinkedIn Ads)

LinkedIn advertising (LinkedIn Ads) is a tool for marketing any product, service, or brand by or to small businesses and professionals.

Like Facebook,
LinkedIn Ads is a self-service tool which allows its members to create and place an ad for its products/services.

Like Facebook,
LinkedIn offers both personal and business accounts. If you are a business, just like Facebook, it is a great idea to get get a business rather than a personal account.

LinkedIn Ads can be powerful because they allow marketers to target their messages to specific business audiences. Ads can be targeted to those with a specific job title or function, to those working for a particular company, to those working for a company of a certain size or location, and traditional demographics such as age and gender.

About Passive LinkedIn Marketing

Here is "Passive LinkedIn Marketing":

* Free Profile: Everything starts on LinkedIn by creating a profile. From there, you build your connections and keep your account updated. The goal is to get the attention of potential clients and customers. This is all you do... passively.

Most people on LinkedIn use this passive approach and it works because of LinkedIn's Search feature which...

- Gives you or your business exposure to those searching for your products or services.

- Gets you relevant introductions to other LinkedIn members/business connections who you might not be able to reach otherwise.

- Displays your recommendations (word-of-mouth testimonials about you and your business) from other members on LinkedIn that will help others to do business with you.

About Aggressive LinkedIn Marketing

Here is "Aggressive LinkedIn Marketing":

If you want to get LinkedIn to work for you more actively, then this is the work you must do:

* Post Regular Status Updates: List what you are are working on and who you are working for (your target customers and clients).

* Participate in Groups: Join groups related to your business and your interests and then be sure to actively participate in the discussions for increased exposure and as a demonstration of your personal expertise.

* Send Messages and Invitations: to those in your network and to other group members. Be sure NOT to be a spammer or a nuisance.

* Answer Questions: if others ask you. If you can give good answers to questions, this is the best way to show that you are an expert to others looking for answers to the same problem.

* Pay for Results: Consider upgrading to a paid LinkedIn membership to get additional contact options and other benefits exclusively for paid members. Then try LinkedIn advertising (look In's offers for free advertising trials).

My Advice: LinkedIn Ads are a rather pricey option... (at $2.50 to $3.00 a click) so start with other ad options first!

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