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Helping You to Succeed: Landing Page

Your Online Business Card

Your Landing Page is your online business card. It is the home page (or should be) for your site. The Landing Page should have these features:

1- Easily-Quickly Understood:

If the visitors to your site do not KNOW in FIVE (5) seconds or less what your landing page is OFFERING for SALE, then you will lose them. Ask people you trust if your site passes this this "5 second" test: if not, FIX this! Online traffic is what is about!

2- Matches Your Domain Name:

Your domain name, the headline of your landing page, and what you are offering for sale should all match. is about online traffic and what we offer is the best in how to build online traffic to your landing page.

3- Creative Congruency:

The text and imagery on the landing page should match (as exactly as possible) the text and the images that are used in the ad, link, or other creative that brought the visitor to the page. The "swoosh" is everywhere for

4- Big, Compelling Headline:

EVERY ONLINE BUSINESS NEEDS TRAFFIC! This is a clear, concise, benefit-rich headline that tells those who want to learn more about getting online traffic laser fast that they have come to the right place on this site (and they have!).

Your Online Landing Page

Your Landing Page is your online business card. So make sure you are clear about your Branding!

1- Brand Image + Video:

A video on your Landing Page will help to get greater conversions for your offer. Your video should include a compelling image on the first screen of the video to draw your visitor into watching it... and into signing up for your list. That is why there is a video on our home page.

2- Brand Congruency:

Your logo and your background should match your domain name, headline, and your main offer. The logo for are beams of light hitting a target. The background are envelopes with are recognized as a symbol for email marketing. These communicate visually our brand message of "Get Laser Targeted Customers!"

3- Brand Consistency:

Some people believe that you should not put your logo on every single page of your site... but I DO believe that. You should constantly remind your visitor of where they are at all times.

4- Capture Email Signups Everywhere:

Some people believe that you should not put your email signup box on every single page of your site... but I do. For whatever you have to offer, you must have many contacts with your leads... it is vital to get signups for future contact.

Components of the Landing Page

When forms are a part of your the Landing Page, the form should have these features:

1- CTA Above the Fold:

CTA is "Call to Action" that usually asks the user to submit their email address. The email entry box should be near the top of the page... meaning that the user should NOT need to scroll down to find it (this is known as "Above the Fold").

2- Custom Button Color:

The CTA button color should contrast (NOT blend in) with the rest of the design element. Red-yellow-orange buttons are highly recommended.

3- Custom CTA Button Text:

On the button, the usual text is "Submit" but those who are not internet savvy may not understand it... so use words like "Download Now", "Free Instant Access" or "Sign Up" on the CTA button so that it is crystal clear about exactly what action you want the user to take.

4- Limited Form Fields:

Only ask for the basic information that you need. Just ask for the email address and do NOT ask for the name or any other information which would make the person hesitate to give you your email address.

Compliance of the Landing Page

To make sure that you are compliant with online advertizing sites like FaceBook and Google, here are some "must have" items on your page:

1- Contact Information:

You will get yourself banned from FaceBook and Google (for sure) if you do not have complete and accurate contact information on your site. This include your offline street address, your phone number, and your email address at a minimum.

2- Legal Notices:

You must have all of the following kind of legal notices like:

Terms of Service (mandatory for all countries)
Privacy Notice (mandatory for all countries)
FTC Compliance Notice (mandatory for USA)
Anti-Spam Policy (mandatory for USA)
Earnings Disclaimer (optional - protects you)
Copyright Notice (optional - protects you)
DMCA Compliance Notice (optional - protects you)
Social Media Disclosure (optional - protects you)
Refund Policy (optional - protects you)

Just check out our at the end of each page!

3- Testimonials:

If you have testimonials on your site, it is best if you have video or audio testimonials that list the user's name. If you are have written testimonials, make sure you keep original copies in case you are asked to prove that they are genuine.

4- Enable Sharing:

If you are on social media, then add share buttons (like for Facebook) to encourage your visitors to like and share your site.

        Earnings Disclaimer Privacy Notice Copyright Notice Anti-Spam Policy Refund Policy
     FTC Compliance Notice DMCA Compliance Notice Social Media Disclosure Terms of Service

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