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Helping You to Succeed: Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Statistics

Facebook Advertising is a powerful tool! It delivers THE MOST targeted traffic to...

- 1.28 billion monthly active users on Facebook
- Over 1 billion people use FB on a mobile device
- 1 in 5 minutes on mobile are spent on FB apps

This is made possible because on Facebook...

- Users voluntarily submit their interests
- Users voluntarily submit their country
- Users voluntarily submit their age, gender, etc
- Other statistics about users are gathered by FB
(if they are a business, the browser used, etc)
which can help FB targets users for advertising

This means that Facebook can deliver worldwide advertising online at costs that are pennies on the dollar compared to traditional advertising.

- 75% of business brands promote on Facebook
- 1 million small businesses advertise on Facebook
- Average Facebook Ad cost per click: $0.27
- Lowest possible Facebook Ad cost per click: $.01
(yes I have personally achieved this result!)

Facebook Advertising Images

What is the most important component of FB Advertising? It is image: the IMAGE will make or break your ad.

Here are some things to consider about your FB image.

- Use the recommended size for your image. The current size recommendation for a News Feed ad (both Desktop and Mobile) is 1200 x 628 px.

- Use a very simple but powerful image: Your ad will be displayed in various sizes. Your image must look as good in full size (1200 x 628px) as it does on the very smallest Right Column ad size (150 x 78px). The less busy your image is, the more eye catching it is.

- Use an interesting, eye-catching image: If your image is cool enough, it will grab attention... remember that people come to FB to be entertained not to be sold!

- Use bright colors that are opposite to FB colors. Use red, orange, yellow, green but avoid blue or black.

- Use sharp, professional images. Blurry and obviously low resolution images will make both your ad and your business look bad... and the ad will not convert.

- Use the BEST quality image you can get. You can get really excellent images from for as low as $14. (Tip: for best results, do a Google Search on images, look for one you like with a Shutterstock number, and enter the number onto the Shutterstock site).

- Do not use humans in your ads unless you are targeting a certain age-gender-demographic. It is better to use images of computer because everyone can relate to them.

Facebook Ad Objective

What is the next most important component of FB Ads? It is the ad objective. FB offers several options of which the most important ones are:

- "Send people to your website" and
- "Increase conversions to your website"

In essence, both of these are mainly lead generation which FB ads are excellent at delivering.

To get the most out of your FB advertising, if you choose either of the the above, here are some things that you must do to get the most of your ad costs:

- Conversion Pixel: This is code that Facebook creates that you add to the page where you are sending visitors. This allows FB to track the traffic to your site and to give you information on the demographics of those visitors (which is invaluable for future advertising).

- No Hard Sell: Facebook does not like hard selling or hard claims because its users are there not to buy anything and FB wants to protect its users.

- Avoid Questions to YOU: Facebook does not like ads to ask personal questions (as in are you old-young-male-female-religious, etc) and if you can avoid the word "YOU" in the ad that lessens FB approval issues. Always remember that it is super easy to get banned on FB (that happened to me once - it is hard - but not impossible - to get that ban lifted like I did).

- Like Page: Always include a Like button on your ad. This gives you social proof from those who saw your ad and like your page whether or not they visit your site... this in turn attracts even more visitors!

- Language: Make sure to select "English All" if you cannot speak any other language.

- CTA Button: You must specifically ask people to do something in response to your ad (why pay for an ad otherwise?). So must have a "call to action" (CTA) to ask them to do something (like click or watch more). Facebook offers pre-defined CTA buttons that you can use in your ads which compliments your ad copy.

Here are some good calls to action:

Find out - Click here for FREE offer
Watch this - Sign up for FREE
Click here - Click here for immediate access
Download FREE ebook - Limited edition, hurry NOW!
Get [offer] NOW! - Register now and save $[XXX]!

Notice the absence of YOU or YOUR in these CTAs!

Facebook Ad Testing

What is the next most important component of FB Ads? It is testing your ad to see does/does not what work.

1- Test your ad in the United States (unless you have a preference) in New York, NJ, Miami, FL, and Los Angeles, CA ONLY with a very small budget.

2- If your offer is targeted to a certain age, use that.Otherwise, start testing ages 30 to 40.

3- Since image has the biggest impact on your ad's performance, test different images (keeping all the other elements the same) to see how FB users respond.

4- Once you have a winning image, next test different headlines (keeping the image and everything else the same) to see how FB users respond.

5- Once you have a winning image and a headline, next test the rest of the ad copy (the text below the image).

6- When you have a winning combination after all this (known as "split testing"), that is the time to scale up and expand to more targets (ages, countries, etc).

7- If you know who your competitors are, you can target them using Facebook. The more targeting you can test on, the better FB users should respond to your ad.

REMEMBER to emphasize the benefits of your offer, not its features. When you see that your ads are not working, stop them... and go back to the drawing board.

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